Text Input

text input

Text Input fields allow users to add and edit text.


    placeholder: "TextField Placeholder",
    background: Colors.white,
    borderDefaultColor: XelaColor.Gray11,
    placeholderColor: XelaColor.Gray8,
    textfieldColor: XelaColor.Gray2,
    borderFocusColor: XelaColor.Blue3,
    defaultHelperTextColor: XelaColor.Gray8,


Name Type Default Value Required Description
placeholder String? null NO Textfield placeholder text
value String? null NO Textfield value
textEditingController TextEditingController? Textfield TextEditingController
state XelaTextFieldState - YES Textfield state (DEFAULT, ERROR, SUCCESS, FOCUS, DISABLED)
helperText String? null NO Textfield helper text
leftIcon Widget? null NO Left Icon widget
rightIcon Widget? null NO Right Icon widget
disableAutocorrection bool true NO Textfield autocorrection disable
secureField bool false NO Textfield as Securefield
background Color Colors.white NO Textfield background color
disabledBackground Color XelaColor.Gray12 NO Disable Textfield background color
placeholderColor Color XelaColor.Gray8 NO Placeholder color
textfieldColor Color XelaColor.Gray NO Textfield text color
disabledTextfieldColor Color XelaColor.Gray8 NO Disabled textfield text color
borderDefaultColor Color XelaColor.Gray11 NO Textfield default border color
borderDisabledColor Color XelaColor.Gray8 NO Textfield disabled border color
borderErrorColor Color XelaColor.Red3 NO Textfield error border color
borderSuccessColor Color XelaColor.Green1 NO Textfield success border color
borderFocusColor Color XelaColor.Blue5 NO Textfield focus border color
defaultHelperTextColor Color XelaColor.Gray8 NO Default helper text color
disabledHelperTextColor Color XelaColor.Gray8 NO Disabled helper text color
errorHelperTextColor Color XelaColor.Red3 NO Error helper text color
successHelperTextColor Color XelaColor.Green1 NO Success helper text color
keyboardType TextInputType TextInputType.text NO Textfield keyboard type
onChange Function(String)? null NO Textfield change func