Slider Input


Sliders allow users to make selections from minimum and maximum values. Slider input allows for easy adjustments of a value and checks the updated result immediately.


  value: 40,
  primaryColor: XelaColor.Green2,
  secondaryColor: XelaColor.Gray11,
  controlColor: Colors.white,


Name Type Default Value Required Description
value double - YES Slider value
onChange Function(double)? null NO On value change func
min double 0 NO Min value
max double 100 NO Max value
vertical bool false NO Slider change orientation to vertical
primaryColor Color XelaColor.Blue3 NO Slider primary - accent color
secondaryColor Color XelaColor.Gray11 NO Slider secondary color
disabled bool false NO Disable slider
controlColor Color Colors.white NO Control color
divisions double 100 NO Slider input divisions (steps)
showLabel bool true NO Show value label
valueIndicatorColor Color XelaColor.Gray3 NO Value Indicator color
valueIndicatorTextStyle TextStyle XelaTextStyle.XelaCaption NO Value Indicator Text Style
valueIndicatorTextColor Color Colors.white NO Value Indicator Text color