A dialog is a type of modal window that is displayed on top of the current app content and remains on the screen until confirmed, dismissed, or a required action has been taken.


  title: "Popup title",
  description: "Popup description",
  icon: Icon(Icons.grid_view, size: 40, color: XelaColor.Gray3),
  primaryButton: XelaButton(text: "Action", onPressed: () {  }, autoResize: false, background: _isDark ? XelaColor.Blue5 : XelaColor.Blue3, foregroundColor: Colors.white,),
  secondaryButton: XelaButton(text: "Action", onPressed: () {  }, background: Colors.transparent, foregroundColor: _isDark ?  XelaColor.Blue5 : XelaColor.Blue3,),
  buttonHorizontal: true,
  closeButton: XelaButton(leftIcon: Icon(Icons.clear, color: XelaColor.Gray3, size: 20,), onPressed: () {  }, size: XelaButtonSize.SMALL, background: Colors.transparent,),
  background: _isDark ? XelaColor.Gray2 : XelaColor.Gray12,
  titleColor: _isDark ? XelaColor.Gray11 : XelaColor.Gray3,
  descriptionColor: _isDark ? XelaColor.Gray11 : XelaColor.Gray3,


Name Type Default Value Required Description
icon Widget? null NO Top Center icon widget
title String? null NO Title string
description String? null NO Description string
primaryButton Widget? null NO Primary button widget
secondaryButton Widget? null NO Secondary button widget
closeButton Widget? null NO Close dialog button widget
buttonsHorizontal bool true NO Primary and Secondary buttons positions
background Color Colors.white NO Background color
titleColor Color XelaColor.Gray3 NO Title color
descriptionColor Color XelaColor.Gray3 NO Description color