Chips can be used to represent small blocks of information, make selections, filter content, or trigger actions. Chips should appear dynamically as a group of multiple interactive elements.



XelaChip(text = "Chip")


Name Type Default Value Required Description
text String - YES Text string for chip
size XelaChipSize XelaChipSize.LARGE NO Size for chip (LARGE, MEDIUM, SMALL)
leftIcon Int? null NO Left Icon from Drawable
rightIcon Int? null NO Right Icon from Drawable
disabled Boolean false NO Disable for chip
selected Boolean false NO Selected status for chip
borderWidth Dp 2.dp NO Chip border width
defaultBorderColor Color XelaColor.Blue3 NO Default border color
selectedBorderColor Color XelaColor.Blue3 NO Selected border color
defaultBackgroundColor Color Color.White NO Default background color
selectedBackgroundColor Color XelaColor.Blue3 NO Selected background color
defaultContentColor Color XelaColor.Blue3 NO Default text string color
selectedContentColor Color Color.White NO Selected text string color,
onRightIconAction (() -> Unit)? null NO Right icon action
onChangeSelectChipAction ((Boolean) -> Unit)? null NO On change selection chip action