Checkboxes are used to let a user select one or more items from a set. Also, Checkboxes can be used to turn an option on or off.



XelaCheckbox(checkboxIcon = R.drawable.ic_tick, label = "Label", caption = "caption")


Name Type Default Value Required Description
checkboxIcon Int - YES Icon name from Drawable
label String NO Label string for checkbox
caption String NO Caption string for checkbox
value String NO Value string for checkbox, right position
onCheckedChange (item: Boolean) -> Unit {} NO On change checkbox function
selectedColor Color XelaColor.Blue3 NO Color for selected checkbox
iconColor Color Color.White NO Icon color
defaultColor Color XelaColor.Gray11 NO Color for unselected checkbox
valueColor Color XelaColor.Red3 NO Color for value string
size XelaCheckboxSize XelaCheckboxSize.LARGE NO Size for checkbox (LARGE, MEDIUM, SMALL)
state XelaCheckboxState XelaCheckboxState.DEFAULT NO State for checkbox (DEFAULT, SELECTED)
disabled Boolean false NO Disable for checkbox
labelColor Color XelaColor.Gray2 NO Color for label string
captionColor Color XelaColor.Gray8 NO Color for caption string