An inline message that does not interrupt user actions. Messages can be used to notify the user about something special: danger, success, information, or warning.



    title = "Congratulations!", 
    text = "Your OS has been updated to the latest version. Current OS Version 4.3.17863.289"


Name Type Default Value Required Description
title String - YES Title for alert, may be empty for hide
text String - YES Text - caption for alert, may be empty for hide
leftIcon Int? null NO Left Icon name from Drawable
rightIcon Int? null NO Right Icon name from Drawable
primaryColor Color XelaColor.Blue6 NO Primary (Accent) color for Alert
secondaryColor Color XelaColor.Gray7 NO Secondary color for Alert
background Color Color(.white) NO Background for Alert
rightIconColor Color XelaColor.Gray6 NO Right Icon Color for Alert